What's Square Carpet Tiles?


Modular square carpet tiles are individual carpet unites that can be installed independently or combined to create customized deigns.


Our square carpet tiles stand out for their versatility, durability, easy maintenance, installation efficiency, sustainability, innovative design, and comfort. These qualities collectively make them a superior choice for enhancing the aesthetic and functional aspects of any space.

Transform your space economically without compromising on quality - our carpet tiles made from sturdy nylon, offer the perfect balance.

Seeking affordability?

TC1000 is well-designed from polypropylene yarn to offer a stylish and cost-effective flooring alternative.

Discover quality in design with TC4000, meticulously crafted from durable nylon for a well-designed and enduring  flooring solution.

Step up to superior quality with TC5200 - an upgrade from TC4000, featuring enhanced design and crafted durable nylon.