Made in Japan

Made in Japan is a testament to assurance of Quality.


Our continued dedication to Japanese production is driven by the desire to ensure stable high quality, maintain a comprehensive management system, and deliver our heartfelt "commitment" through our carpets to  our customers.


We undertake in-house production from filament yarn production to tufting, processing with tile backing, and product shipping through logistics. In every step, skilled artisans gather the essence of their expertise to meticulously craft our carpets with unwavering dedication.


1. Commercial Carpet Tiles

Square Carpet Tile (50cm×50cm)

Plank Carpet Tile (25cm×100cm)

2. Quick Lay Tiles

Easy to install without adhesives or floor sealers. No additional tapping or gluing required.

3. Home Tiles

Experience a transformative upgrade to your space with our home tiles - a straightforward installation process awaits.

Their substantial thickness provides effective shock absorption, and the safety of your children and pets.