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The seventh year of the Meiji era (1874)

In the flourishing textile industry region of Senshu, the founder Shigekura Murata established the Senshu Cotton Industry, while Shigeo Ikezaki established the corporation. For over 140 years since then, we have been delivering dedicated products in the field of carpets.


Passion for Carpets

In order to be welcomed as cherished interior that you all have been encountering for many years, we put our hearts into each and every product, carefully crafting reliable carpets. We uphold this tradition by continually pioneering product innovations.

Japanese Craftmanship

To ensure the stability and quality of high-grade products, we emphasize Japanese production. From spinning and tufting to processing and shipping. We employ a comprehensive visual management system, delivering products of superior quality.


Corporate Outline


Company Name Japan Carpet Co., Ltd.
Start of Business 1874
Incorpoartion 1951
President Hiroyuki IKEZAKI
Capital 93,600,000 Yen
Address 8-12 Chikko-Hamadera-Nshimachi, Nishi-ku, Sakai-shi Osaka 592-8352 JAPAN
E-mail info12@japancarpet.com
Affiliated Associations

Japan Carpet Manufactures Association

Nippon Interior Fabrics Assotiation

The Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Domestic Business

in Japan

Artificial Turf

Car Matt

Design Carpet

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8-12 Chikko-Hamadera-Nshimachi, Nishi-ku, Sakai-shi Osaka 592-8352 JAPAN




37 Minakuchicho Satsukigaoka, Koka, Shiga 528-0062, JAPAN