What is “Quick Lay” carpet tile?

"Quick Lay" carpet tiles can be easily installed without additional adhesives or floor series. The carpet tiles require no additional tapping, or gluing process.

They are ready for installing:

- Out-of-the box install method

- Save installation costs, including time and materials

- No work required with adhesives, peeling off paper films or double sides taping.

- The carpet tiles are easily released when they are taken out of the box.

What makes “Quick Lay” carpet tile?

Newly developed adhesive is applied during the manufacturing process of "Quick Lay". The adhesive consists of acrylic resin foam and urethane resin. This combination makes the adhesion very strong. Especially in lateral direction. This makes the tile an excellent option for installing on floors with various finished including highly polished surfaces.


Patent No. : 10,815,615 B2

Date of patent : Oct 27, 2020